About Tawny Beauty

At Tawny Beauty we understand the importance of a beauty brand that represents you in all your uniqueness. That is why it is our mission to be that for all, especially black and brown women and those belonging to other marginalized groups. Because we believe that true beauty is skin deep, and honey your shade is everything!

On Juneteenth 2017 the predecessor to Tawny Beauty launched. After some time in business, it was decided that a hiatus was needed for the ultimate revamp that would eventually give way to Tawny Beauty.

During this time we were dedicated to refocusing our vision and rebranding in a way that aligned more clearly and consistently with the overall mission of our aspiring beauty brand. While this mission has remained steadfast, the approach and passion for that mission has changed tremendously, and for the better. 

As a small business, it is our goal to maintain continuous growth and for you as our Tawny Beauty Babes to grow with us. This is only the beginning of the re-up and we hope and pray to be able to honor that goal and our mission by providing you with more updates in the near future.

The phrase, "Your shade is everything," is the motto that we at Tawny Beauty live by. To us, this is more than just a simple statement as it wholly defines all that Tawny Beauty stands for and represents. It serves as a reminder that the skin you're in, as beautiful and rich as it is, is truly everything! 

We believe that beauty comes in more than one shade and it is our goal to make them all apart of our collection.

With love,
Tawny B. 🤎